What is the best way to strengthen your heart?


Girls Heart - With TextThis is a place where you will find the best ways to strengthen your heart from real life experiences of over more than a decade. Here I will make it easy for you to find something that will help you to improve your overall health, an understanding about cholesterol total, cholesterol HDL and many other health related issues.

I am by no means a “guru” on the subject but I have had my fair share of unhealthy experiences throughout my life and subsequently spent a lot of time and research into the subject.

What I have found over the years is probably just common sense, but unfortunately most of us would rather take the easy way out.To just quickly grab a ham and cheese sandwich or a burger, known as fast foods, it is far easier than preparing a health meal.

It was because of these junk foods that I went seeking for a home remedy for hemorrhoid. I was suffering for a long time and wondering how long do hemorrhoids last, it would possibly have been forever if I had not changed my diet and started with regular walks and exercise.

But that is not our fault!


There are so many fast food outlets, all calling out to us. It's human nature to take the course of least resistance. Over time, those fast foods create endless problems for you.

I am of the opinion that if you eat correctly and get plenty of exercise, you will very rarely have to seek the advice of a doctor, and you will have less “aches and pains” especially as you get older. It is unfortunate that a lot of us only find this out in our later years.


What can you expect to find here at Always Be Healthy?

What you will find within the posts here at Always Be Healthy is some of the things that you can do to improve your heart health, especially if you have a heart health problem, blood pressure and general health, to mention a few. The advice and information is aimed at helping you to get healthy and stay healthy by means of eating correctly as opposed to taking prescription drugs. This list covers some of the information that you will find……

  • What is the best way to strengthen your heart
  • What is a healthy heart rate
  • A normal total cholesterol level chart
  • Cholesterol HDL and Cholesterol LDL (what is the cholesterol hdl ratio)
  • Why eating healthy is good for you
  • Grape seed benefits, antioxidant all in one
  • What is omega 3 krill oil
  • How many calories in a bottle of red wine
  • What is vitamin b3 or niacin
  • The best drinking water filter systems
  • The best way to take calcium supplements
  • Triglyceride levels normal range and of course.......the best ways to improve heart health

The best ways to improve heart health

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20 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fascinating website. I will certainly be returning in the very near future!

    I can only imagine the hard work and dedication it has taken to get this little jewel off the ground. You must be very proud.


  2. Hi John, I totally agree with you that what we eat is very important in determining our health. More vegetables and fruits to keep our body in optimal condition.

    Also, meditation is a great way to achieve wonderful health, because our mind ultimately determines our physical condition, along with everything else.

    • Hi Clark, it’s quite worrying that people don’t know why eating healthy is good you.
      You are so right! Our mind is the most powerful organ that we have, and I am in the process of researching the subject and how positive affirmations or just a positive thought for the day, can help us immensely when it comes to health.

  3. Hi John

    Very interesting and informative post. I can relate to the fast food outlets you mention. It is really hard to resist with all these tasty foods around you. The food that is bad for you always tastes so good.

    I also realized late but to eat healthy can only benefit you. Eat healthy and exercise regularly and you will live longer.


    • Hi Hellen, why are the best tasting foods bad for you? Why is it so much easier to sit and watch TV than working out at the gym?
      To be healthy is not as easy as most people think.
      Thank you for commenting.

  4. David says:

    Hi John

    I have read through your site and find it very interesting. I can see that a lot of long hours and time have been spent setting it up. It is a good platform for people to read about someone else’s experiences and get some advice that could help them stay healthy.

    Well done!!

    • Hi David, Thanks for compliments. I really appreciate it and thank you for visiting my site.
      Please come back and see whats new.
      Cheers for now.

  5. Johnny says:

    Goeie saak wat jy hier aanpak ou maat.
    Oefening is natuurlik baie nodig en belangrik by dit alles !

    • Dankie Johnny, imand het al vir my genoem van oefening en ek het toe van my goed verander. Ek was so gefokus op die saak van “eating correctly vs prescription drugs” dat ek die oefening uit gelos. Dankie vir jou inset, ek vardeer dit.
      Groete, John.

  6. johann says:

    Hi John,
    Very interesting facts & data that you’ve got in your writing. In the normal way of life people always tend to take the easy way of doing things even when it comes to personal health & the quality of life that we get from just making a few little adjustments to take care of what we eat & drink. Lets not forget to do a bit more physical things as well because it does not matter how medication, supplements & what ever else you take we need to burn it off again.
    Most people around the world are very much into healthy eating & losing weight nowadays but the main thing is we’ve got to get as much as possible natural physical means of exercising into our daily lives. We don’t have to join gyms or any club to do this, all we have to do is walk a little bit more at the office, at home, do a little more things for ourselves rather than sit & wait for somebody else to do it for us. Get up clean the garden, wash the car, take the dog for a walk, etc.
    I’ve been doing this & some daily running on either treadmill or on the road or just slow walking for a long time of my life & at 70 years old I’m still all up & going for a long time to come.
    Must say as a last important point that a couple of glasses of red wine in the evening does help.
    Bottom line is like everything else in life. You get out of it what you put into it.

    • Good morning Johann, thank you very much for this in depth and informative comment.
      You are so right about getting some physical exercise in your daily routine. I have been so focused on the issue of eating correctly vs prescription drugs that I have completely overlooked this important fact. Thank you for bring this to my attention, I will certainly add this into some of my articles.
      I totally agree with your outlook on being physically active and especially your bottom line. Many thanks, John.

    • Hi Lanie, I am not sure about B3 and its affect on RLS as I have never had that problem. (maybe that’s why;-) My mother in law suffers with RLS and I know that she has tried various treatments with little success, so perhaps I should look into this.
      Thanks for the comment, Regards, John.

      UPDATE: 17/12/2015
      I have found out that for restless legs, magnesium is a great help. Magnesium supplements benefits stretch way beyond RLS, so please read this article http://alwaysbe-healthy.com/magnesium-supplements-benefits/

  7. Hi there,

    Great read! I use coconut oil quite often myself as well as avocado oil. Thats a pretty healthy option too, isn’t it?


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